Disregarded Cries

Proverbs 21:13
Whoso stops his ears at the cry of the poor, he also will cry himself, but will not be heard.

“Never again”? Right now!
Unnoticed or ignored by much of the world’s societies is the horrendous evils taking place right now in China.

On its wealth from trade with the United States and Europe, China has been able to plan, build, and implement the largest and most encompassing socialist states the world has ever seen.

A vast blanket of surveillance cameras (approaching six hundred million within a few years) connected to a government system of AI, facial and biometric recognition, and the largest citizen database known to ever exist, is allowing the Chinese government to gain complete control over its population.

No area of life is to small for oversight. Infractions including jaywalking violations, eating on a train, growing a beard to long, and any other infraction of China’s vast and all-encompassing laws, will affect a citizen’s ranking within the database. If your rating falls to low the government begins to cut you off from being able to travel, buy a home, send your children to a good school, get a job, or even receive health care. Fall too far down the government’s social ranking and the citizen is interned in a government-run “re-education” camp – possibly for the rest of their life.

Another way citizens may find themselves in one of these “re-education” (concentration) camps is being a Christian, Muslim, or one of the other disfavored religions. As an example, hundreds of thousands Muslim Uighurs are being held in these camps. Individuals who eventually gained their release and managed to escape China have reported being tortured, beaten, and “brainwashing”.

The Chinese government’s goal is, of course, to remove traits the government believes create disunity in their society – religion and God is included. Religion and God must be replaced with The Party and The Leader.

The world has largely ignored China’s inhumanity – after all China provides the ability for western societies to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle – cheaply. Without this hugely profitable trade with the United States and Europe, China could never afford to construct and enforce such a system.

By 2020 China hopes to have completed the system’s rollout – and realize the government’s desire to observe all its citizens, control their lives, and punish even the slightest infraction. A modern police state built from the willing blindness of the world.

Proverbs 21:13
Whoso stops his ears at the cry of the poor, he also will cry himself, but will not be heard.

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